Sunday, February 12, 2012

Steady as She Goes...

It has been a long while since I have posted here. I have been working with a doctor who is a yeast specialist while also going to Accupuncture regularly. The results have been amazing. While I am not sure whether it is the doctor or the Accupuncture, I am inclined to think it is a combination of both, that and the prayers of friends and family.

My stomach problems are for the most part under control, and my itching is down to a minimum of 5-10 minutes a day, usually at night and not so bad anymore that I have to soak in the tub afterwards as in the past. My doctor put me on a rotation diet (making sure you don't eat the same thing every day helps to minimize the potential for allergy developements) which I did for a while but have gotten away from it some. He also had me on Vit. E, a multivitamin, Chamomile tea, and Diflucan (anti-fungal drug) for a while but recently took me off to see how I fare. At my last visit he emphasized the need for this if I am going to get well, and said I have to decide if I really want to get well. I said I am "ok" with my itching level right now, but I would like to have more variety in my diet and would like to be itch-free. He said you can be comfortable with 5 minutes of itching, but what about when it gets to 10, 30, an hour of itching every night? He makes a point. I will be working on planning out my rotation diet again and keeping track of my reactions.

It is hard to wait, when recovery feels so close, and my illness does not completely control my life anymore. It seems it has been a long time, about 21/2 years really, since it all started. I have learned a great deal in that time though. I have learned that you are in fact what you eat, and only you can decide to take control of your health. No one will make you. If you're lucky like me though, God will place many people in your life who will not let you stay sick if they can help you. I have also learned that nothing is hopeless, no matter how hopeless it seems.


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  2. (re-posted without the typing error ;-D)
    Somehow I missed that you also have this blog. I'm glad I clicked your profile today. I have always fought with this issue. My dealings have been on a much milder level, but I know what a hassle even a mild case can be. I'm glad to hear that things a moving in the right direction! Many blessings...and a happy 2nd week of Lent to you!

    1. Thanks so much! If you ever have any questions about yeast issues let me know. Happy Lent to you!


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