Sunday, July 1, 2012

A New Loaded Gun

I am starting to realize there is no one cure for candida. They are insidious and relentless, and you have to come at them with a full set of loaded guns. So, about a month ago, a friend of mine who has Lupus and Chrohn's disease, and many other health problems, sent me a link to this. She said "you have to watch it." My husband and I sat down and watched it. If you know nothing about it, it is a documentary about a guy who was chronically ill with a skin condition and lots of other health problems, had seen many doctors, a homeopath, and I think acupuncturist? and finally decided to do something crazy. He started a juice fast. He ate nothing for 60 days, only juiced lots of vegetables and fruits all day. The key to this juicing was a lot of greens, fresh and organic produce, and lots of water. By the end of the 60 days, he is cured of his illness, off his meds, and looks like a completely different person. He did have a doctor monitor his health while doing it, and everything they tested just kept getting better and better. So, after praying about it and feeling strongly led to do it, and after talking to my doctor about it, (and getting his "ok") I decided to do a much milder version of this. I juiced during the day, and ate "whole foods" at night, meaning lots of produce, veggies, and a little light protien like eggs or chicken (I would have done fish but have  developed an allergy to it) and some whole grains, at least the ones I can tolerate: teff and millet mainly. I also read this book.

After the 10 day fast, I started eating small meals while juicing. About a week after the fasting part, for about a week, the "detox" period of this method of cleansing, was not as bad as the candida cleanse I did a while back but still, not fun, increased itching, some diarrhea, and constant chills. While this was very difficult to endure, I was ready for a change, and had reached a standstill. I was willing to go through a little extra pain, if it meant healing in the end.

So today, almost a month since I first started, something changed. I am normally freezing all the time. Winter or summer, I keep a space heater on full blast next to me at all times. This is one symptom the doctor I am working with has been puzzled by. The last time I mentioned this to him he said, "I don't know, it makes no sense." Now, I have tremendous respect for this doctor. He brought me out the pits, really, picked me up off my feet. And I respect a doctor even more, when they actually admit, they don't know. Some doctors won't do that. So, as I say, freezing. Today, however, I noticed by the end of the day, I had not ONCE pulled my heater out with me, all day, not until late evening did I need it. And somehow, I think some of the rash areas are less inflamed. So, I continue to juice, and continue to hope.

If you should have a yeast condition and decide to take the same path to healing, here are some of the detox symptoms I have had:

1. Extreme bloatedness around the abdomen, like I was pregnant.
2. Lots of itching
3. cold sweats, at one point I changed my clothes 5 times in one day, this was not heat related.
4. nausea
5. chills
6. irritability

Happy Juicing! :)


  1. I do juicing, but only once a day. The rest of the time I eat alkaline. I went to a Doctor who put me on an alkaline diet. I think it helps much better than the candida diet.

  2. Oh my goodness! What good news! However, I can't help but notice that your improvement corresponded eerily with our visit to your home. It must have been all the love going around! XOX! But seriously, I am sooo happy to hear good news. It's an answer to my prayers.


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